I’m going to start a series of blogposts on justice. My discussion will largely be based on a few books I’ve been reading by Harry Brighouse. It helps me, in developing my own views, to summarize my thoughts and analyze them critically. Also, I think Brighouse brings up so many thought-provoking questions, it is worth writing a bit about them. Whether or not you have developed a conscious view on the topics he discusses, it is often necessary to comment on his questions, even if you haven’t thought about them.

The two books I read were Justice and School Choice and Social Justice. Both were published within the last decade, and consequently contain commentary that reflects current knowledge and perspectives on justice and school choice. Brighouse does not offer a complete theory in either book, but in my experience, complete theories tend to be the most arduous to get through (I’m thinking Kant’s A Critique of Pure Reason, Aristotle’s Metaphysics, or Schopenhauer’s The Will as World and Representation). This is not to say that reading those books isn’t rewarding, only that getting through them requires a great deal of scholarship. Alternatively, I’ve read these two books over the past two weeks for fun!

Stay tuned.


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